Marketplace Foods - Minot Main Store: (701) 839-7580
Store Hours: Sunday - Saturday 5:00am - Midnight

Customer Services

MP Express
*Breakfast Sandwiches
*Bakery Fresh Donuts
*Pastries from our own in store bakery
*F'Real blended milkshakes
*Caribbean Cream Smoothies
*Smoothies and frozen coffee
*Roller Grill
*Ronnoco Coffee
*Shell Fuel
*Soup Bar
*Salad Bar
*Chesterfried Chicken
*Large variety of party trays
*Sliced to order Meat and Cheese
*Grab and Go Sandwiches
*Gold-N-Plump Rotieserri Chicken
*Marketplace Signature Potato Salad
*MP Jumbo Twice Baked Potato
Service Desk
*U.S. Postal Substation
*Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines
*Fax Machine
*Photo Copy Services
*Travelers Express Money Orders
*U.S. Postal Stamps
*Check Cashing
*Utility Bill Pay
Accepted Payments
*American Express
*Food Stamps
Shopping Experience
*Electric Carts
*Children's Carts
*Handycap Parking
*Handicap Bathrooms
*Baby Changing Station
*Dollar Video Rental Machines
*Bagging Service
*Caribou Coffee

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